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The New Indian Express

Shopmatic is the ultimate solution for young entrepreneurs to start selling online

Shenaz Bapooji of Shopmatic tells us about the startup that’s helping other startups establish their online presence

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to set up your store online, but don’t know where to begin, try Shopmatic. This online portal provides entrepreneurs all the necessary tools to sell online, from designing a website and networking to shipping integration. Recently, they launched the ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurship Programme’ which encourages entrepreneurship in India on a massive scale. Under this initiative, all its cutting-edge technology tools are available for just $1 for a duration of three months. Shenaz Bapooji, Chief Marketing Officer, Shopmatic gives us the details. Excerpts..

What is Shopmatic?

Shopmatic was established in 2014 by Kris Chen, Anurag Avula and Yen Lim. The idea behind it is basically to help anyone sell online. If you’re a small scale business or an individual entrepreneur, but you’re not able to sell your products through your own website, we provide the entire ecosystem to help you sell online, from domain name to shipping integration. Individual entrepreneurs could be people like you and me who have some talent that can be monetised, like painting or cooking, or even taking music lessons.

How many countries are you working out of?

India, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have just established our presence in UAE.

What are the services offered?

One is Shopmatic Pro, where we help people set up an online store with complete e-commerce features. The other service is Shopmatic Go where entrepreneurs can create an online store using their mobile phones in just two minutes.

Tell us about your programme ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurship’.

The Inspiring Entrepreneurship Programme was started to encourage everyone to go online. We have opened up the opportunity to as many people in the country to use our services for just $1 for three months.

What are the benefits of the programme?

Entrepreneurs can choose from about 60 odd templates for their e-store. We also do shipping integration, which is a logistics analysis. Also, you will need to build a network, which is easy to do with our tools. we also have linkages with Amazona and eBay, so you can sell on those platforms as well.

Source: The New Indian Express