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Anurag Avula, co-founder and CEO of Shopmatic

Anurag Avula’s Shopmatic addresses multiple pain points of small businesses — setting up a website, accepting online payments, selling across multiple platforms, etc. Shopmatic streamlines all of these steps, making online selling accessible to the everyday man. Currently serving India, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Shopmatic has plans to expand across the region in the coming months.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

● About Anurag’s background and what led him to found Shopmatic
● What sets Shopmatic apart from its competition
● Why Shopmatic first launched in India
● About the Shopmatic user experience
● About Shopmatic’s business model
● About Shopmatic’s Inspiring Entrepreneurship Program


(1:14) Anurag’s self-introduction and background prior to Shopmatic
(4:08) Why Anurag decided to leave PayPal and create Shopmatic
(9:09) Anurag explains why Shopmatic was first launched in India
(10:53) How Shopmatic is different from its competitors
(13:35) Anurag explains the difference between Shopmatic Go and Pro and walks through the Shopmatic customer experience
(19:31) Selling on various platforms and social channels using Shopmatic
(22:08) Anurag explains how payment processors are integrated with Shopmatic
(24:50) The Shopmatic revenue model
(25:36) Anurag’s expansion plans for Shopmatic
(27:03) Anurag describes Shopmatic’s Inspiring Entrepreneurship Program
(29:13) Anurag’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Source: Player FM