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Singapore-based Shopmatic Looking to Tap SMEs in India.

By October 15, 2015 No Comments

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) segment is one of the lucrative segments of the Indian market. As SMEs continue to grow at a rapid pace, Singapore-based Shopmatic has launched its operations in India to tap its potential. The international eCommerce company has unveiled their plans to take the entire SME ecosystem online. For the ones unaware about Shopmatic, the company provides an integrated platform for merchants looking to take their business to the internet-based landscape. Since its incorporation in 2014, the company founded by Anurag Avula, Yen Lim and Kris Chen has garnered a considerable amount of attention. In terms of the volume, the SME segment amounts to more than 51 million in numbers. Upon launching their operations in India, Shopmatic is looking to tap the humungous volume of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). The company helps the merchants to set up the shop, provide shipping and logistics insights and seamless integration and hassle-free management to take businesses to social media and internet marketplaces. Merchants can avail all this at a modest price of $20 per month. Other than these standard features, the company also helps the merchants with the development of webstores, online listings, and much more. Aimed at targeting and catering to the individuals and SMEs with almost zilch online presence, Shopmatic is looking to be the first turnkey & a holistic online service provider for both the merchants and individual entrepreneurs in the country. So how do they make it happen? The services are provided via partnerships with international and local companies. The key to Shopmatic has been creating a two-way communication channel between both the parties involved. Due to their extensive global footprint, Shopmatic also enables the merchants and entrepreneurs to gain international exposure

Speaking about their entry into the Indian markets, Anurag Avula, CEO of Shopmatic Group, said, “We believe we have the opportunity to change the lives of Individual Entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing them a platform to grow their businesses and to fulfill their aspirations. India has the unique advantage of addressing their needs on a larger scale. There are over 51 Million (SMEs) Small and Medium Businesses in the country, and a significant base of untapped Individual Entrepreneurs. Our platform makes it easy for anyone to sell their products or services online, offer them an international eCommerce experience at a price point that is very affordable.” The company has also roped in former Head of Office for Soho South + Ogilvy Chennai’s Shenaz Bapooji as their Chief Marketing Officer. The company has launched in India with offices in Gurgaon and Bengaluru with further plans to enter the Middle East, African and Australian markets.

Source: Thinking Aloud