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Shopmatic, the e-Commerce SaaS Platform- Launches in India

By October 14, 2015 No Comments

In a recent development, Shopmatic, a Singapore based e-Commerce SaaS company, launched operations in India. It aims at providing help to offline businesses succeed in selling online. Its focus is on the sellers who are working on the offline mode and have completely no or minimal online presence. Along with that, the company will also be catering to those who intend to sell online but can’t due to infrastructure constraints. Customers of this service can avail it at a monthly subscription fee, after the one month free trial that the company is offering.

CEO of Shopmatic Group, Anurag Avula said on this development “We believe we have the opportunity to change the lives of individual entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing them a platform to grow their businesses and to fulfill their aspirations. There are over 51 million small and medium businesses in the country, and a significant base of untapped individual entrepreneurs.”

The company was founded by Anurag Avula, Yen Ti Lim, Kris Chen in December 2014. Based out of Singapore the company also has offices in Gurgaon and Bangalore. This is the company’s first international venture. They also have plans to launch their product to other markers in Asia,the Middle East, Africa and Australia simultaneously.

Shopmatic also has partnerships with local and international logistic providers. The Clients who avail services of Shopmatic will use these logistic providers to fulfill their delivery orders, this will essentially cut down on the overhead of looking for a logistic partner. It also would help them have an organized dashboard which has all the management tools that gives data insights and helps inventory management for the business.

The company also provides guidance to the merchants on management required to grow their business and expanding to international markets with the help of Shopmatic’s global footprints.

Shopmatic competes with players like Shopify, Zepo, PowerStores, Buildabazaar, KartRocket, iQecommerce, NetSuite, Bigcommerce, Volusion among others. Such platforms aid the SME’s to make their presence online without the hassle to create their own platforms.

Source: Know Startup