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Mumbai This Week

PayPal partners with Shopmatic to facilitate cross border transactions

By January 12, 2016 No Comments

PayPal, the world’s leading open digital payments company, today, entered into a strategic partnership with Shopmatic, an international ecommerce company that manages the entire ecosystem for online sellers. The partnership will enable merchants of Shopmatic to expand their global footprint backed by the flexibility, convenience and security offered by PayPal.

Shopmatic helps merchants and individuals handle everything that is required to grow their business online, from developing a webstore to listing it on marketplaces, and promoting it on social channels, along with insights on how to sell online.

PayPal facilitates online payments for hundreds of thousands of Internet e-commerce ventures, as well as traditional brick-and-mortar businesses that have an online presence. It enables merchants to accept payments faster and easier. It also provides seamless, integrated solutions to help how customers do business: online, mobile, or cross-border.

Hamish Moline, Vice President for Regional Merchant Services and Southeast Asia at PayPal APAC said: “We are happy to announce Shopmatic as our first Indian partner to enable online commerce. The emerging digitization has had a strong impact on not only taking SMEs online domestically but enabling their ambitions globally. PayPal is a pioneer in cutting edge payment solutions and we are actively pursuing opportunities for partnering with like-minded brands to offer innovative solutions targeted towards entrepreneurs who are tech-savvy and more aware.”

Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Shopmatic Group, AnuragAvula said, “Managing payments is one of the biggest challenges for small and medium enterprises. We are delighted to partner with PayPal to enable cross border trade for Indian sellers making it easier for merchants to accept payments from customers outside India. With the significant opportunity of over 51 million small and medium businesses, we believe that this association will provide a platform for businesses to grow their business in the global marketplace.“

Shopmatic caters to a multitude of merchants from existing customers/merchants who are selling their products and services with no online presence to existing customers/ merchants, selling their products and services offline through online marketplaces. It is focused on helping not only, the small and medium businesses and individual entrepreneurs to find their feet in the online world but also give them global exposure.

Source: Mumbai This Week