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Business Standard

Shopmatic, GATES APAC tie-up to grow in Indian ICT market

By October 4, 2016 No Comments

Leading Singapore-based e-commerce company Shopmatic has announced its strategic partnership with GATES APAC, Singapore to facilitate the business expansion of Shopmatic in the rapidly growing Indian ICT market.

Shopmatic, a leader in the e-commerce ecosystem, announced the tie-up prior to the GATES India ICT Reseller Summit 2016.

“We welcome this initiative in India that will give us a wonderful opportunity to connect with the National ICT reseller community and to grow our business through meaningful interactions. To maximize its success, a business needs to understand the channel landscape, meet the right partners and create a strategy that aligns with current market trends. By joining hands with GATES, we will be able to achieve these goals efficiently,” said CEO and Founder, Anurag Avula.

“We are well-poised to take advantage of this summit in our continuous efforts to help more and more traditionally run business to go the omni way,” added Anurag.

“Shopmatic is a pioneer in the field of e-commerce and an innovation-led organization contributing to the evolution of traditional business practices. Collaborating with it is in line with our vision to equip the Indian ICT ecosystem with access to the latest technology and practices in the industry to spur higher growth rates for the industry,” said CEO GATES APAC, Ashish Kapahi.

Source: Business Standard