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Shopmatic launches ‘GO’ app to make selling online easier

By November 22, 2016 No Comments

Singapore-based e-commerce company Shopmatic has announced the launch of a revolutionary mobile app, ‘Go’ for Indian sellers.The newly launched app will enable everyone to take their business online by providing them with an easy tool to create an ecommerce website in less than two minutes with three easy steps.

The free app, will allow all individuals and merchants to develop their online stores by snapping pictures of their products, enabling payments, and selling their products by sharing on social channels, from their phones. With this app, Shopmatic will enable lakhs of offline sellers to digitize their businesses and also help new age Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram sellers to scale their online businesses for free.

“We are very excited with this launch to support the Digital India initiative as an answer to the need of millions of sellers in India who want to take their businesses online and were unable to do so. With the significant mobile phone penetration in India, this app will make the online world easily accessible to anyone who wants to sell online,” said CEO Shopmatic, Anurag Avula.

“The power of this app is such that someone in Bapuji market in Jaipur can sell their products to a buyer in Bangalore, or a Madhubani artist in Bihar can sell their art to customers in Delhi, or a coffee trader in Coorg can sell to buyers in Mumbai,” added Avula.

The company has established partnerships with global online payments giant PayPal, domestic payments solution provider Citrus, international logistics provider Aramex to enable its merchants in expanding their sales across the globe. These partnerships are enabling individual entrepreneurs and businesses manage everything that is required to take their business online and giving them access to international markets.

Source: Yahoo News