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Ecommerce marketplace to lead India on global platform

By March 11, 2017 No Comments

The global B2B e-Commerce marketplace is constantly maturing and India is on its way to become an active participant in this change. In the recent years, the industry has dawn the growth potential which is likely to touch 45 lakh crore by the year 2020 in India.

The B2B technology implementation is not easy and requires its players to be innovative in a friendly way, thereby coming up with a less time consuming tool. SMEs and homepreneurs have not only found help from technologies like marketing automation, channel integration, content marketing and mobile marketing, they have been enabled to make strong logistical connections with exporters and businesses to insure a smooth process.

Since these players also educate the local and small sellers, e-Commerce could possibly become a trend in our rural areas if government helps in improving infrastructure and internet connectivity.

Below are some players who are leading the race to take to take India ahead:


US based Amazon has its maximum focus in providing small businesses including kirana stores, pharmacies, mobile retailers, small offices, nursing homes and restaurants a convenient online shopping experience that saves them time and money.

It provides a wide selection, low prices and a convenient shopping and delivery experience to their members.


Singapore based technology company Shopmatic, works by removing the complexities of setting up an ecommerce business.

The company solves the e-Commerce puzzle by bringing all the pieces of e-Commerce ecosystem on a single platform and lays a path for millions of entrepreneurs to be an online seller. It handles challenges like managing selling channels, integrating payment and delivery systems.


eCommerce software platform KartRocket empowers SME’s, small retailers and entrepreneurs to start their own online business. KartRocket’s DIY e-Commerce solution enables them to create an online store, design and customize it in less than 10 min. Its unique services include free payment gateway integration, stunning e-Commerce store with mobile responsive designs, mobile app to manage the store and automated shipping solution.


The company aims at establishing marketplace which can provide the complete experience of selecting the right product, seamless communication between buyer/seller and secure transactions. It helps with simplifying the sourcing and easy searching.

Industry buying

A platform for industrial goods and supplies, maintains fully catalogued collection of over 1.5 Lac SKUs, from brands across global geographies where regular buyers are offered credit and the purchasing process is quite straightforward.

It has seen good traction already on its portal with orders doubling on a month-over-month basis. The company is omnipresent in both online and offline markets.


A platform for the SMEs, Tolexo provides consumer shopping experience for the largest collection of products needed by businesses, factories, offices and laboratories.

It offers assortment of products spanning more than 28 categories. From small to large, to buy and sell goods online, by providing technology and services that enables selection, payments, customer support and fulfillment.

Source: ET Retail