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The Economic Times

Shopmatic introduces initiative to encourage entrepreneurs setup online shop for $1

International e-commerce company Shopmatic has introuduced a new initiative to encourage entrepreneurship in India on a massive scale.

Under its new ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurship Program’, the brand – which uses technology to bring to its customers all elements required to successfully sell online – is now offering its services at just $1 for three months.

Sellers across India will be able to use the brand’s cutting-edge tools to build an online store, manage their inventory, receive payments from customers.

“There are many aspiring entrepreneurs in India who have an idea, an ability to build beautiful products and intend to make a business by selling online. We have removed the complexity from ecommerce by eliminating the technological barriers that these entrepreneurs may have,” said Anurag Avula, Cofounder & CEO, Shopmatic.

Shopmatic expects to create a significantly critical mass of entrepreneurs – homemakers, SMEs, students, bakers, artisans, craftsmen, photographers, service providers, designers etc to leverage this fantastic offer to take their business online and give a tremendous push to the Digital India initiative.

According to a Google-KPMG study, small and medium businesses going online in India could boost India’s GDP by as much as 10% by 2020. Shopmatic aims to use its suite of functions and tools to create a new generation of digitally-enabled small and medium businesses to capitalize this economic opportunity.

Source: Economic Times