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Shopmatic launches “Shopmatic World” providing merchants a fresh platform to enable reach into new geographies

By November 22, 2018 No Comments

New platform to feature Shopmatic’s eclectic mix of products from merchants across geographies

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 22 November 2018 – Shopmatic, a Singapore-based e-commerce platform, announced today the launch of its ground-breaking new platform, ‘Shopmatic World’. Spearheading the cause of enhanced visibility for the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), Shopmatic World is harboured around the real stories of online entrepreneurs whose distinguished ingenuity and perseverance have gone into the genesis of their brands. The global platform endeavours to transform the way small businesses connect with their audience, inviting online shoppers to spend time discovering unique products and services from merchant stores.

Shopmatic prides itself in enabling the entire gamut of the e-commerce ecosystem for a number of inspired entrepreneurs and online merchants. With the solutions and support provided by Shopmatic, over 50,000 hobbyists, artisans, craftspersons, stay-at-home mothers, small and medium businesses, among others, have found their way to becoming online entrepreneurs. Now with the launch of Shopmatic World, Shopmatic will help these online entrepreneurs share their individual narratives and better connect with shoppers. This real connection begets more opportunities for the brands to bolster their sales, presence, and influence in the digital world.

Anurag Avula, CEO and Co-Founder of Shopmatic, said, “We are very excited to launch Shopmatic World especially since it aims at delivering significant value to our merchants, helping them get discovered online. Often, brands go unnoticed in the cloud and need some help getting noticed by discerning buyers. Shopmatic World curates the stories of ingenuity and perseverance of entrepreneurs and the resilience in which they transformed from skilled professionals or hobbyists to successful entrepreneurs. With this curated platform, we intend to help small businesses get discovered for their uniqueness.“

Shopmatic World is only open to sellers who have created their own ecommerce stores using the Shopmatic platform. Shopmatic World will serve as a discovery platform for buyers, showcasing individual stories of these different sellers, and the products or services they are selling. Those interested in buying any of the products or services showcased will be redirected to the sellers’ individual websites to fulfil their orders.

Shopmatic World opens to an enchanting showcase of different brands, carrying a brief snippet about each seller, with accompanying pictures. Online visitors can delve deeper into the brands that intrigued them at first sight and discover the story behind its genesis, along with its top-selling products. If the online visitors wish to purchase from the brand of their liking, they would then be redirected to the individual online store of the brand.

About Shopmatic

Shopmatic is an international e-commerce company that has been launched to help business owners sell their products and services online. From developing a unique web store, to listing businesses on marketplaces and social media channels, to giving insights on how to sell online, Shopmatic helps business owners manage the full spectrum of what is required to grow their businesses. Founded in December 2014, Shopmatic is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in India. The company is quickly expanding to the rest of Asia. Shopmatic has raised US$5.7 million in Series AA funding led by August Global Asset Management (formerly known as ACP), a technology-focussed venture capital firm, and SPRING SEEDS Capital Pte Ltd, the investment subsidiary of SPRING Singapore. For more information, please visit